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Natural Anti-depressive, healing depression...

What about depression?

In Bhuddist, Yogic and Ayurvedic phylosophy the ways to reach “enlightenment” wholeness, bliss, health are: 

Gaining control of the mind: driving the car instead of the car driving you.
You need to be in control of the biggest factors determining/creating your life, which are your thoughts.

And opening yourself up for new insights “light” by studying and meditating so you will find out that we are all connected, immortal spirits with access to infinite conciousness and that we are having a human experience to learn and develop ourselves and help those around us whenever we can. 

(This is also the reason why we need to do unto others like we would do unto ourselves, because we are all part of the same whole, living in denial of this truth (ego) would lead to conflict)

So what happens if you are not in control of the mind and have a limited perspective? The opposite of enlightenment, wholeness, bliss and health, which would be ignorance, incompleteness, suffering and disease.

So these states are a poor control of the mind combined with a limited perspective.

Once again it’s about taking responsability, we are in control up to a certain extent conciously which influences/controls the subconcious which manifests reality. 

For example, the placebo effect. One takes a sugar pill believing it will cure their ailment, the body then miraculously manifests all the necessary substances and circumstances to cure what is expected to be cured. The patient has no idea which substances need to be produced, where and how to bring them to the right location in the body to start healing etc, this is all done hyperintelligently and automatically, but it is initiated by our thoughts.

The thing is, our thoughts and expectations are not just influencing our bodies, but also the world around us with all the situations, things and people in it. 

This is why prayer works, however, 1 minute of prayer does not compensate for a whole day of thoughts in the other direction... 

Your thoughts are a constant prayer influencing your reality just as powerful in a negative direction as they can in a positive direction. So choose your thoughts wisely.

Ayurveda is based on this precept: “The mind is the most powerful healer”, the opposite is true too, this is why we needed Ayurveda in the first place, we disturbed our balanced body too much with our thoughts, emotions and consequent behaviours. 

Good questions to ask are, how did we disturb our lives and the people around us? 

And now that we know we are in control, what do we want to manifest from now on?

When praying/thinking/manifesting reality, make sure to put it in present tense, for example “I am happy”. This is needed because your subconsiousness is in a timeless, non local dimension, so if you would say, “I am going to be happy”, you are suggesting that you are not happy right now, and this is how it will manifest.

Even when it seems we are not in control or things seem unfair it is probably a situation of which we are not
fully aware of its implications yet, again, ignorance, because  we just don’t know everything that the superconciousness knows yet, this is where we need faith/trust until we reach the same level of conciousness/enlightenment by studying, doing at least 2 of the limbs of yoga, living, meditating etc. 
However, this superconciousness we are all part of is geared into 1 direction and that is progression, so you can be sure that whatever happens is for the good of you and those around you, and there won’t be anything you will have to deal with that you can’t handle.

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