woensdag 24 januari 2018

Healing stage 4 cancer, spread to the bones with just juice?

In our society cancer is most of the time perceived as something that could take our lives, the enemy, something to be battled, often times leading to a very dramatic very inhumane battle with a lot of horrible suffering and without any real winners, if it is won at all, especially in the long run. This all stems from a very imperfect medical system and the information we receive from it when we hand over our responsibility and power to it.

While in reality, most of the time, cancer is an indication that there is something out of balance in our bodies, usually because of an emotional imbalance causing us to treat/use our body in the wrong either consciously or unconsciously.

To restore the balance of this very delicate, perfect organism, does it make any sense at all to use completely barbaric methods like chemotherapy, radiation and cutting off of parts? Maybe we should instead take the responsibility back over our lives/behaviour and restore the balance naturally?

What would the story of cancer look like if we did this? Would it be a story of people taking back the power and responsibility over their lives and having an amazing adventure while doing this, experiencing basically only good side effects, regeneration and healing of many other health issues, and educating and inspiring people around them that there is a natural, cheap, positive way out of this that anyone can just follow? The only thing blocking people from doing this is the conditioning of their minds, once you know this is possible, your life and that of the people around you will be so much brighter.

This is just 1 of many examples out there. A woman with stage 4 cancer, spread to the bones, managed to make herself cancer free within 3 months.

Please don’t get distracted by the religious tones in this video if it bothers you, you would be missing the very important point.

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