zondag 29 november 2009

Wat heeft dat te betekenen! Symbolisme verraad Fascisme...

Het symbool voor fascisme op de Italiaanse vlag in de tijd dat de door de britse geheime dienst MI5 gesponsorde fascist Mussolini aan de leiding was en grote vrienden met Hitler.

Maar wat doet het symbool voor fascisme hier:

Political Life. In most cases, fascists have come to power after a nation has suffered an economic collapse, a military defeat, or some other disaster. The fascists win mass support by promising to revive the economy and to restore national pride. They may also appeal to a fear of Communism or a hatred of minorities. In time, the fascists may gain control of the government ─ through peaceful elections or by force.

After the fascist party takes power, its members replace the officials who run the government. In most cases, one individual ─ usually a dictator with great popular appeal ─ becomes the leader of the government. Fascists permit no other political party and no opposition to their policies.
The fascist desire for national glory leads to an increase in military spirit and a build-up of the armed forces. After the military forces become strong enough, they may invade and occupy other countries.

Hmmm dat komt me bekend voor.

Zou er soms wat gaande zijn in Amerika op dit moment?

Nog een leuk detail:

Britse geheime dienst MI5 logo... Pyramide met alziend oog net als op de Amerikaanse dollar... toeval? Of zitten hier soms ergens connecties tussen?

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