woensdag 1 juni 2011

Water is the new Oil, and Libya/Khadaffi has a very big bucket...

Why o why did the poorest country on earth (US) and lots of it's lapdog countries jump into a war with Libya all of a sudden when Khadaffi wasn't nice to his people who started to revault a bit? Weren't there other countries with more people in bigger trouble than in Libya? Yes, but those countries don't have the oil, and they certainly don't have the amount of fresh water (the new oil) that Libya has.

Just for comparison, the Great Lakes combined hold about 22.560 km3 or 5,412 cu mi, this is about 21% of the total amount of fresh water on the surface of the planet. Now lets look at Libya:

As the information in the previous link indicated, there are 4 major underground basins in Libya:

1 the Kufra basin 20.000 km3

2 the Sirt basin 10.000 km3

3 the Murzuk basin 4.800 km3

further water lies in the Hamadah and Jufrah basins. So we are talking about at least 34.800 km3 or about almost 2 times the amount of water contained in the Great Lakes underneath the sands of Libya... Now that is a big bucket, and since fresh water is the new oil, a very interesting bucket...

Libyas basins:

The Great Lakes:

More info on water with Jesse Ventura:

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